ZEUS Aeolus 40′ High Wind Quality Fiberglass Flagpole Free Shipping



 Bobs Flagpole Company Presents The ZEUS 40′ High Wind Fiberglass Flagpole Collection. Proudly made in the USA! FREE Shipping 4 to 5 week delivery


Fiberglass Reinforced Composite (FRC) Ground set flagpole Model # 40X 

The flagpole has a mounting height of 40′ and 4′ below grade for an overall length of 44′ with the extension.

A note regarding the extension.

The 7″ extension is added to the 39C shaft to make it a “40X”. Our 40′ is actually 39′ above grade and 43′ overall.  The 7″ extension is inserted into the bottom 3″ of a 39′ shaft and sticks out 4″ to give you the bury depth of the pole.  This extension is pre-installed by us prior to shipping that 40X or 40I pole.  This extension sits below grade and inside the pole so it’s not visible above the ground.  The only thing visible is the now 40′ flagpole.

The butt diameter is 7″and the top diameter 3″. The pole weight is approximately 115 lbs. and a total shipping weight of 219 lbs.

The flagpole is manufactured of fiberglass woven roving and polyester resin with 75% of the reinforcing fibers oriented in the axial plane for maximum stiffness and 25% in the radial plane for required hoop strength. Load calculations shall be based on AASHTO and NAAMM standards with the pole designed with a two to one (2:1) safety factor for 125 mph winds, unflagged, with a 1.3 gust factor.

The flagpole shall have an Entasis taper and shall be void of vertical mold seams.

The flagpole shall be sanded smooth and coated with a high gloss Aliphatic Polyurea coating system which provides extended UV protection and weatherability.

Aeolus Series – Model #40X

Standard Fittings:
40′ Above Grade Height 8″ Gold Anodized Ball 80′ of #10 Polyester Halyard
43′ Overall Height Cast FG Stationary Truck 16″ Flash Collar Location:
Top Diameter – 3″, 1 pair of Brass Snaps, 8.5″ Nylon Cleat
Butt Diameter – 7″ 1 pair of vinyl Snap covers, 3’x8″ Ground Sleeve 

Benefits of Fiberglass Composites 

  • Lightweight  
  • Easy to install 
  • UV & salt resistant coating – dual part polyurea aliphatic paint system 
  • Non-conductive  
  • Finish does not pit or stain even when exposed to landscape materials like mulch 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Superior strength to weight ratio provided by layered construction of materials 
  • Excellent structural strength when compared to wood, metal alloys, and others. 
  • Available in a variety of standard colors; white, black, bronze, Faux-Luminum & Dynamic Bronze 
  • Custom colors are also available upon request  
  • Our unique manufacturing process allows for custom projects
  • Sound absorbing properties: perfect for homeowners, schools, office buildings, hospitals and anywhere you do not want that annoying pinging sound of the flag snaps 
  • Easy to Clean & virtually maintenance free 
  • Best warranty in the fiberglass flagpole industry – with 50 years of experience to back it, the makers of Zeus flagpoles confidently offers the best fiberglass flagpole warranty.  
  • Hand-crafted in Fitzwilliam, NH.  These are not machine made or mass produced providing you exceptional quality and attention to detail. 
  • Available in sizes 15’ – 100’ to suit your location. 
  • Available in different series that are windspeed specific to complement your location. 
  • Fiberglass is not harmful to the environment, it can be repurposed into other usable items or recycled 

Additional information

Weight 115 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 420 in
Warranty Infomation

Lifetime Factory Shaft Warranty. Hardware 1 year

Choose Zeus Color

Black, Bronze, Dynamic Bronze, Faux Silver, White


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