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Titan Aluminum Side Mount 3″ OD Flagpole base SM20


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Commercial Grade Concord American Flagpoles | Bobs Flagpole Company

Perfect answer for mounting your Titan Flagpole to your dock or deck vertical surface.A Made from Cast aluminum

Powder coated aluminum “Side Mount”. Can be used to mount on the side of a boat dock, wood deck, retaining wall, tongue of a trailer, or other vertical attachment locations. Does not include any hardware to attach. Comes with a sleeve to fit a 3″ diameter flagpole.A Don’t forget the Reducer Sleeve for Mounts if your pole is the 15′. The holes are 3/8″ in diameter. From side to side, center of holes are 5 3/8″ apart. From top to bottom, center of holes are 7 3/16″ apart. Internal stop bolt is pre installed.


4.00 LBS


13.00 (in)


9.00 (in)

Depth: Amount of Flagpole length that is inserted

7.00 (in)

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 3.3 in

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