NEW 2.4″ Base Premium Quality High Wind T8 Aluminum Sectional Telepole Flagpoles 17′ to 28′.



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May God Bless America!!

SUPER STRONG 2.4″ Base 17′, 23′ and 28′ Sectional Flagpoles Now With the stronger 7000 T8 aluminum Plus a 15 year Warranty!

USA Made 17′, 23′, and 28′ Sectional Flagpoles

The new and long awaited sectional flagpoles by Telepole (17′, 23′ and 28′) are changing the sectional flagpole market by introducing the strongest with almost double the wall thickness (11 gauge) of the competition.

This 11 gauge aluminum (double the thickness of other sectional poles) carries a 15 year warranty, including weather damage. Any and all parts of the flagpole will be replaced within 15 years for a minimal charge for shipping and handling only.  We will continue to support our products indefinitely even after the 15 years warranty has expired, with a low cost for any and all parts.

A great, super strong flagpole at a reasonable price for your own use and/or gift that will last many years. The indisputable case with our Telepole aluminum Telescoping flagpoles is that they are the strongest in the market. Presently Telepole offers many different styles and sizes of telescoping flagpole – and growing. With our newest line of sectional flagpoles, both available with 2.4″ and 2.75″ base diameters. We provide you the same top quality and strength as our telescoping flagpoles.  All of that and made proudly in the USA.

Our 23’ sectional flagpole consists of (4) six foot 11 gauge sections.  Our 28′, 2.75 sectional flagpoles consist of (5) 10 gauge sections. All sectional flagpoles have a 2.4″ or 2.75″ outside diameter. 

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 204 in
Choose Size Telepole

17 ft, 23 ft, 28 ft


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