25′ Telepole Superior 1 Silver Telescoping Flagpole


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May God Bless America!!

25′ “Superior One” Telescoping Flagpole
Collapsed Height: 89.5″
Total Extended Height Before Installed: 25′ 1.5″
Total In-ground Height When Installed: 23′ 10″‘
Introducing the NEW “Superior One” Telescoping Flagpole from Telepole Manufacturing – the ultimate in Telescoping Flagpoles in the U.S.A.  

Our telescoping flagpoles are made with the first ever 7000-T8 (temper) series aluminum. The 7000-T8 series aluminum provides higher quality, higher strength plus additional hardness from the T8 temper than other telescoping flagpoles made with 6000 series aluminum.  With a pole base of 2 3/4″ and a wall thickness base of 10 gauge high strength aluminum, the design bridges the lower priced residential flagpoles with the more expensive commercial grade poles valued at hundreds of dollars.  

Telepole guarantees its products with an exclusive and unique 15 year Warranty (including WEATHER damage).

You can take comfort in the quality and durability of your purchase, knowing that it was fabricated by Americans for Americans and partially assisted by one of Pennsylvania’s leading engineer Universities

Our dual-locking design of high quality stainless-steel prevents any accidental dropping of the individual sections and flagpole damage that can occur with traditional spring loaded buttons and twist locks.

We recently had a breakthrough in the telescoping flagpole industry!  For the first time ever, we are releasing a brand new ball bearing swivel rotating ring system for our telescoping flagpoles.

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Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 300 in


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