25' Telepole Superior 1 Silver Telescoping Flagpole-2.75" Base,10 Gauge Aluminum W/4X6 American Flag

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May God Bless America!!

WE OFFER THE BEST, Stronger Flagpole! Check it out!

Our “Superior 1” Telescoping Flagpole from Telepole Manufacturing – the ultimate in Telescoping Flagpoles in the U.S.A The Superior 1 Flagpole. Available in silver anodized
Our telescoping flagpoles are made with the first ever 7000-T8 (temper) series aluminum.  The 7000-T8 series aluminum provides higher quality and higher strength than other telescoping flagpoles made with 6000 series aluminum. With a pole base of 2 3/4″ and a base wall thickness of 10 gauge high strength aluminum, this design bridges the lower priced residential flagpoles with the more expensive commercial grade poles valued at hundreds of dollars.
Telepole guarantees it’s products with an unmatched 15 year Warranty (including weather damage). -Designed and tested with the assistance of one of Pennsylvania leading engineering universities and fabricated by Americans for Americans, you can take comfort in the quality and durability of your purchase. -No inexpensive or cheap polycarbonate (Lexan) plastics are utilized in our manufacturing, only high quality aerospace thermoplastic composite to insure superior strength and backed by a lifetime warranty. -Our dual-locking design of high quality stainless-steel prevents any accidental dropping of the individual sections and flagpole damage that can occur with traditional spring loaded buttons and twist locks. -For better operation, compatibility, strength and beauty, we are offering the ONLY true 25′ telescoping Flagpole consisting of 5 sections instead of 4. -Telepole’s extra thick aluminum ground sleeve with locking capabilities will help deter theft and unwanted rotational movement. -The New Superior 1 25′ Telescoping Flagpole is the Ultimate in design and strength and ready to serve you for many years to come. So don’t settle for mediocracy and higher prices when you can have the strongest and finest telescoping flagpole – The Telepole Superior 1 FREE WITH EVERY TELEPOLE FLAGPOLE 3″ Anodized Aluminum ball 3 Extra thick for maximum strength thermoplastic composite swivel rings, for a complete 360 degrees rotation of one or two flags An extra ring to prevent the flag from binding and/or lifting and sliding upwards in strong winds. 4 rust proof, stainless steel clips Extra thick aluminum ground sleeve Push button tool to help release buttons when collapsing the sections Simple and easy to follow installation instructions 15 Year W A R R A N T Y (Including Weather)- Best in the Industry! Frequently Asked Questions Can I fly a larger flag on a Telepole Flagpole? Yes, on our 20-Ft. and 25-Ft Telescoping Flagpoles you can fly a either a second 3×5 flag or 4×6 flag. Is there any maintenance needed on the flagpole? No, the high strength aluminum will never rust or need painting. How do the flagpoles hold up in the wind? Both our flagpole models are very sturdy and resistant to wind. Telepole Manufacturing Inc. offers a standard All Weather Warranty which covers any wind or storm damage. We will replace any damaged parts (excluding negligence or accidents) free of charge. Are the flagpoles hard to install? No, for either model pole, installation is quite simple. For the 25-Ft. Telescoping Flagpole, just dig a hole 24″ deep and 12″ diameter, level the bottom of the hole with crushed rock. Insert the aluminum ground sleeve and surround with quick setting cement. Insert the flagpole into the ground sleeve in the collapsed position and level. Then remove the flagpole until cement is dry.
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Orders can be placed online or by calling Bob's Flagpole Company @ 804-896-2991
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May God Bless America!!

WE OFFER THE BEST, Stronger Flagpole! Check it out!

Our “Superior 1” Telescoping Flagpole from Telepole Manufacturing – the ultimate in Telescoping Flagpoles in the U.S.A The Superior 1 Flagpole
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