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20′ High Wind Tapered Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum Flagpole Commercial Grade Free Shipping MADE IN THE USA FREE USA FLAG


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Commercial Grade Concord American Flagpoles | Bobs Flagpole Company

Bobs Flagpole Company has quality commercial grade Concord American flagpoles so you can display your patriotism with pride. Check us out online. 

FREE Military flag or Do Not Tread on Me. Email or leave your choice in the comment box at checkout.

May God Bless America!!

20 Foot TAPERED ONE PIECE BRONZE Commercial Flagpole Withstands 123 mph winds un-flagged

Perfect Size For Your Home, School or Small Business!

  • 1. Ours is made from 1/8 inch thick seamless aircraft aluminum.
  • 2. It has a beautiful 3″ golden ball finial.
  • 3. Ours comes with 2 stainless flag clips. This pole can easily fly 2 flags
  • 4. You will receive 1 – 3’X5′ flag sewn and embroidered American Flag.
  • 5. Includes an aluminum flash collar.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on flagpole shaft


This quality flagpole comes complete with heavy duty 1/8th inch bronze anodized aluminum single section tapered flagpole. The pole measure a full 3″ bottom diameter tapering to 1 7/8″ at the top.

The package also includes a 3’X5′ SEWN and EMBROIDERED American flag, a 3″ golden ball finial, an attached 9″cleat, 2 stainless snap hooks and a solid braided polypropylene halyard (rope). There is a new longer heavy duty ground sleeve that enables rapid installation or removal should you encounter high winds or other inclement weather.

These poles install with ease requiring about 45 minutes to complete the site preparation. The preparation requires 3 sacks of concrete, a shovel and a level. Your pole can be put in place in as little as 12 hours from the time your site preparation is completed. Complete easy to follow instructions are included.

Designed for years of continuous enjoyment.

Shipping by truck to lower 48 is FREE
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