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12″ American Gold Eagle for Your Flagpole


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12″ Golden Eagle Flagpole Aluminum Topper

You can replace your existing gold ball on the top of your flagpole with this beautiful 12″ high golden eagle that adds that touch of elegance and patriotism. Standard 1/2″ mounting bolt size fits most flagpoles.

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Not all pulley assembly threads will match the Eagle threads and here is the fix.

  • 1.AA Drill out the existing pulley threads just enough to slide the eagle shaft through.
  • 2.AA Take the eagle to your local hardware or Lowes/Home depot
  • 3.AA Purchase 2 THIN as possible nuts that fit the eagle
  • 4.AA Place one nut on the eagle shaft and thread it up to the top of the threads
  • 5.AA Insert the eagle and screw the 2nd nut on and tighten it

Thank You!
Bob Brinkman

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