A Guide For Buying The Right Flagpole





Purchasing a new flagpole can be frustrating as well as confusing. We are here to help you through the process. No high pressure, just good information. Feel free to call. You will actually get a human! 

There are basically 3 types of aluminum rust free flagpoles. They are residential, commercial and telescoping. Commercial-grade flagpoles are designed for both business and residential use. They are more durable than most residential and telescoping. Commercial flagpoles will generally last decades. Now, something new! We can now offer two USA built Telescoping flagpoles that rank with the commercial grades. They are the Tele-Pole and the Titan brands. Both have the strength to fly 2 flags and will take up to 95 mph winds. The Tele-Pole will even accept most accessories even antennas weighing 10 pounds or less.


MOST RESIDENTIAL FLAGPOLES are sectional and range in height from 6 feet to 30 feet. Almost 99% of these are foreign made! Most foreign flagpoles have no warranty and no wind ratings. The sections are coupled by means of a swagged (Tapered) end that fits into the larger end of the next section. The pole thickness is measured in gauge. The larger the gauge number the thinner the tubular wall thickness. The minimum to look for is a 16 gauge. The thickest we have found is an 11 gauge pole. Most residential flagpoles will not withstand 30 MPH winds while flying a flag or 40 MPH without a flag. Tele-Pole has just introduced 6 new commercial grade sectional flagpoles. They are 11 gauge and available in 3 heights and 2 diameters, 2" and 2.4" including a  17’, 23’ and 28’. They come with a 15 year warranty covering even weather damage. If a section bends it will be replaced with only shipping charges.


THE COMMERCIAL-GRADE FLAGPOLES are generally single-section but a few taller ones may have 2 or even 3 and 4 sections. Available in two operating systems. Least costly is the external rope and most popular. The other is an internal rope system operated with a cam cleat or the more complex winch and crank assembly. All are tapered from the base end to the top. The smallest is 3 inches at the base narrowing to less than 2 inches at the top. The thinnest has a 1/8th inch sidewall thickness which is about an 8 gauge flagpole. These flagpoles are too long and too heavy to be shipped by FedEx or UPS. A trucking company will handle the delivery which is the reason for the higher shipping costs. In all cases the shipping on the web site or EBay is included in the price for the lower 48 States. Ebay will charge you sales tax on most US states. We are obligated to collect sales tax for VA sales only. These flagpoles more expensive than a residential flagpole but will withstand hurricane force winds and be the last flagpole you will ever need. All are made in the USA and ours carry a lifetime warranty.


TELESCOPING FLAGPOLES offer convenience and flexibility over most sectionals or commercial but most are pretty weak. Here are 2 shining exceptions! Both are built in the USA by the TITAN and Tele-Pole companies. They have a proven track record, carry a great warranty, and boast a 95+ MPH wind rating. The Tele-Pole is a 10 gauge with a 3 ½” base. The Titan is a 12 gauge flagpole with a 3" base on the 20' and 25' poles. The 15' Titan has a 2.5" base and is 14 gauge. If you can't quite see your way clear to purchase a one piece flagpole, these are most certainly a VERY close second!! Both are great flagpoles!  Telepoles can be easily converted to a Halyard system and even made into a NAUTICAL flagpole with a conversion kit. Telepole offers a 15 year factory warranty


FLAG SIZE will be another factor. Generally speaking the flag height should not exceed 20 percent of the flagpole height. For example, a 4' X 6' flag would be correct on a 20 foot flagpole but no larger. It will look balanced and not endanger the flagpole. A flag too large, over 4X6, will bring most residential flagpoles to the ground in a hurry with a 10 to 15 mph wind. Please remember that most foreign  residential flagpoles carry no warranty at all.

Thank you for your time! I sincerely hope this has been of value to you.

Bob Brinkman

Owner and Managing Member